is-zeekler-a-scam-reviewZeekler scam and digging for answers.

If you are looking for information on the Zeekler scam claims then this will be the most important article you will read.

You might be surfing on the Internet looking for insight into the Zeekler scam claims. This is a good idea whenever you’re looking to make money online and diversify your income.

Zeek Rewards is a penny auction site. It is owned by Rex Venture Group who have been in business for 13 years so that is definitely a good sign. A company with a track record of more than 10 years is a good sign.

Uncovering the Zeekler Scam Accusations

Zeek Rewards recently just reached 2 million customers globally. This is huge and for good reason. Many times in network marketing, many companies have more distributors than actual customers. This is where the whole “pyramid scheme” comes into play. It looks bad because it seems as if the distributors are only distributors because of the business opportunity and not because of the quality of the products.

Zeek has gotten a lot of attention the past few months (first quarter 2012). There is a lot of excitement about how much people are making daily. So much so that the company released its Zeek Rewards Income Disclosure Statement and hired a well known MLM attorney to make sure the company is in compliance. This is good news in regards to the Zeekler scam claims because most companies are not this transparent.

zeekler-penny-auctionsZeekler is a Penny Auction site. Every person who bids on Zeekler purchases what is called a “Bid Pack.”

The bids cost 65 cents each.  Penny Auctions are auction style websites that charge you money every time you place a bid.

Each time someone places a bid the prices goes up and up (auction style). The highest bidder wins.

Debunking the Zeekler Scam Accusations

So are the Zeekler scam claims true? I believe they’re false but it will be interesting to see how this plays out as this company is gaining thousands of new customers daily.

UPDATE: 8/17/12

SEC Shuts Down $600 Million Online Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme

It’s official. ZeekRewards has been shut down. Yesterday we heard that they had closed their headquarter doors.

Today, August 17, 2012, it was announced it was a scheme.

MLM Attorney, Kevin Thompson, wrote a great article on the closing of Zeekler and ZeekRewards.

The Zeekler scam claims have turned out to be true.

Moving Ahead after the Zeekler Scam

Know this: If you decide to have success in network marketing it will come down to 2 things. Your will to keep moving forward through whatever challenges that may come up and your ability to market. People that have success in network marketing are good at networking and/or marketing. But it doesn’t happen over night.

Learn the skills it will take to be successful and come up with a daily action plan. Stick to the plan for at least 90 days and you will get results.

Every network marketer experiences the same struggles in the beginning. First they’re excited to start their own business. Then they become overwhelmed because of all of the information. And finally they become frustrated. Unfortunately, most give up too soon. They realize it’s not easy as they thought it would be. They find themselves chasing people to get them to join the business.

After all this, with no success, it can be become pretty frustrating. Most network marketers never learn the strategies, quit, and call it a Zeekler scam. On a positive note, there is an answer that can put you on the fast track to success.

If you want to be successful in any network marketing company it is important to learn the insider secrets 97% of home business owners never learn. First, how to become a leader. Second, generate leads daily so you have an audience you can present your business to and market to. And lastly, how to recruit leaders who are motivated to build the business.

Going Beyond This Review for Results

But there is a solution to this problem. It’s called the Internet. Anyone, no matter their experience, can learn to the leverage the power of the Internet. They can learn how to generate leads for customers and affiliates.

Grab your network marketing lead system to generate new leads, sponsor affiliates, and produce cash daily. The Zeekler scam claims are false and you can make a lot of money when you know how to market.

I hope you liked my blog post review on the Zeekler scam story.

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