limu scam reviewLimu scam claims debunked.

Are you doing your research on the Limu company?

Has someone close to you, perhaps someone in your family or a close friend, told you about the Limu seaweed products and business opportunity? Let’s dig a little deeper.

You might be wondering if the Limu scam claims are true. Stop searching and continue reading this article as this is the most important article you will read on the subject.

Researching The Limu Scam Accusations

The Limu company is a network marketing company that was founded by Gary Raser in 2004. Being founded in 2004 is a good sign as this company has passed the 5 year mark. Most companies don’t make it passed the 2 year mark so this is a great sign and in favor of this company proving that it’s not a scam company.

The Limu company is a category creator with their seaweed products. Their executive team has more than 125 years combines years of experience. They’ve been profitable since day one and are currently growing at a fast paced. Does this sound like the Limu scam claims are false? Definitely.

I do a lot of company reviews and one thing I can tell you is that it’s a good thing when a company has a unique and proprietary product that no one has. There are many companies out there whose products can be found in stores. Most people will just get these products from the store but if you can offer something to them that they can’t get anywhere else then this is obviously a huge plus in acquiring customers. People like to be “in the know” and have what most people don’t have.

Limu Scam? Hardly – Real Healthy Products

The flagship product of Limu is a nutritional drink called limu moui (limu). It’s main ingredient is Fucoidan – which is found in brown seaweed. The founder learned that this limu was regularly used in Tonga to treat many health problems and many of the islanders used it on a daily basis. The Tongans even believe it is the secret to happy living. There have been more than 900 independent studies on Fucoidan.

Limu productsThe Limu product line includes Limu Original which is the original supplement drink with Fucoidan. Limu Lean – the limu-based complete weight management system. And Limu Energy – the energy drink that contains limu and other natural ingredients. The product line is solid. The Limu scam claims are false.

The compensation plan is a binary. There are many ways to make money with this company including Experience Kit commissions, Three for Free, Fast Track Bonus, First Order Bonus, Level Bonus, Ultimate Auto Bonus, Cash Bonus, and a number of leadership bonuses. With all this info and facts on this company it’s crazy people think the Limu scam claims could ever be true.

Where The Limu Scam Claims Come From

The binary is one the easier comp plans to understand as you’re basically building 2 teams or 2 legs and then you’re paid on a percentage of those 2 legs. Sometimes the Limu scam claims come up simply because people don’t understand the compounding effect that network marketing brings in terms of earning income, even a small amount, across a large network.

This looks to be great company in the wellness category of MLM. There are a lot of people having success so there is proof that it is possible. Does it happen overnight? Of course not. It will take work and that’s the truth believe it or not.

Most people never get the proper marketing training and this is where the scam claims come up. They don’t get properly trained so they don’t know what they’re doing and when it doesn’t work they call it a a scam.

Are You Serious? Here’s What To Do Next

If you are serious about having success in this company you will learn real fast that leads are the name of the game. No leads means no business. You will have to have a steady stream of new leads (people) to talk to.

So when it comes down to it, the Limu scam claims are false. It’s a legitimate company and you can have success if you know how to generate leads, get customers, and sign up reps.

If you ran around chasing friends and family and no one signed up. You need this system. If you ran out of people to talk to. You need this system. If you are an action taker and are serious about your business and quitting your job. You need this system.

This company is legit and is growing fast. I hope you enjoyed my blog post on the Limu scam review.

To the top,

John Garcia

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