Nerium InternationalNerium International review.

So what Is Nerium? Is it just a potion? Does it really work?

Most people who try to look for information on Nerium International on the web are already in the process of making a life changing decision of whether or not they should join their network.

Nerium International is a legitimate multi-level marketing company that was launched back in September of 2011. The company is based in the United States of America, more specifically; the company’s headquarters can be located in Addison, Texas. The company was founded by founder and chief executive officer Jeff O., with Dennis W. as his Co-founder, who was also the founder of The People’s Network and also wrote the book The Slight Edge.

Nerium International Products

There is a lot of beauty and skin aging products and companies out there, a lot of them have even become household names. What makes Nerium International different from your typical garden home variety household name is that they offer a unique product. This unique product affords this company and its partners a powerful market position. The product that makes defines their company is a line of anti-aging and beauty products developed by Nerium SkinCare, a division of Nerium Biotechnology. Their products include, but are not limited to:

  • NeriumDerm Blemish Cream
  • NeriumAD Age Spot Cream
  • NeriumAD Eye Cream
  • NeriumDerm Contouring Lotion

What Makes Nerium Products Unique?

Nerium ADWhat sets the products of Nerium International apart from the rest of the pack is the main active ingredient in their line of products, the Nerium oleander.

Nerium Oleander Skin Care

Nerium oleander is where the company’s namesake comes from. Much like a lot of the other breakthroughs throughout history the discovery of Nerium Oleander’s age-defying and skin improving properties was achieved by accident.

Intensive research was done in order to determine how safe and useful Nerium Oleander really is. The Nerium Age-Defying Treatment was created after a decade of intensive research done by the scientists and qualified medical professionals of Nerium Skin Care. The company is confident that results will speak for themselves and claim that their products will not just be the most effective, but also the safest one their customers can ever use.

Nerium International Leaders/Founders

The Nerium management team is spearheaded by the Olson family, namely Jeff, Renee, and Amber Olson. Jeff is more than qualified to act as the chief executive officer of Nerium International.

Jeff is reputed for his success and leadership, has been a top distributor in numerous large companies, and excels in building sales teams generating millions of dollars. His track record and experience has earned him a following and garnered him respect and admiration from the people he has worked with.

The Nerium International compensation plan is based on a reasonable and time-tested form of compensation in the multilevel marketing industry. Their compensation plan is Unilevel plan that can pay an independent business partner up to 8% up to ten levels deep. All of this of course depends on how fast a person can raise their rank.

Nerium International is generous in rewarding their hardworking partners with bonuses which range from cash bonuses, to an iPad, and even a brand new Lexus car.

Learn Real World Marketing Knowledge

With the Internet there are many ways to connect with people. You can prospect and talk to people on Facebook, do YouTube marketing, create blog, and do SEO (search engine optimization) to generate leads. These are just a few of the more popular strategies.

Learn how to generate leads everyday, sponsor leaders who are motivated to run with the business, and produce cash flow on demand.

Leads are really the name of the game. More people to talk to equals better and faster results. Do you have a marketing plan? If not we can show you how.

If you ran around chasing friends and family and no one signed up. You need this system. If you ran out of people to talk to. You need this system. If you are an action taker and are serious about your business and quitting your job. You need this system.

Nerium International is legit. It can be very profitable when you know how to generate leads at will.

To the top,

John Garcia

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