text-cash-networkText Cash Network – bringing products and services to the market through texting.

Has a close friend or associate contacted you about this home business?

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Text Cash Network Review

Text Cash Network is an MLM or a multi-level marketing business which is a type of business where people can be businessmen only with a small capital and they will be given a chance to earn lots and lots of bucks. This business also has different kinds of products and services.

Usually the products of network marketing are related to health and beauty which are supported by the mass – this company is a different as it is about texting. This is one of the more unique businesses that are out in the market today.

The person involved in a MLM business has to refer people to join the business and then he or she can enjoy the incentives and huge bonuses after signing up. It is just as simple as that. Use the service yourself and refer others to it.

The thing that makes this company unique is that they have the five power streams of compensation. By using the five compensations, people can have the chance to make more money from Text Cash Network and they can help others, too.

Here are the five types included in the compensation plan:

TCN Compensation Plan

  • The power grid – this will enable the person to keep record of the people he or she has referred. The person who is directly referred is included in the first level and then when that person refers, it is included in the second level and so forth. The member can reach up to ten levels. He or she can receive the incentive for this if they agree to receive 5 text messages a day and spend a few minutes to share it to other people. This can be done thru emails if the person is out of the country and text messaging is limited.
  • The power line – this compensation plan allows referral agents to earn money and get bonuses even if they were not able to refer new people to the business.
  • The power team – this plan of Text cash network will allow the person to choose in which team they will place the newly referred person. Each agent has two infinite teams and they will be able to earn a lot of money thru proper placement.
  • The power share – by just sharing some information or promos of the MLM business opportunity, the person can earn money from bonuses and incentives from Text cash network.
  • The power match – through the placement in each of the two teams, the person can earn when people on the two teams match. This compensation plan can make the member earn a lot of money and can make them build groups of referral agents, too.

TCN’s main objective is sending text messages as their primary strategy for earning more money. They believe that the text messaging can reach millions and millions of people in one day.

How To Market Text Cash Network More Effectively

The text messages are a form of introduction and offer to the people and it includes coupons, information about the company, products and services, rewards and loyalty programs which people can get with just a text.

Text Cash Network and founder and CEO Brett Hudson aims to use one of the most common daily activities of people and turn it into a source of income. Not a bad idea. But you will have to learn how to generate leads.

To be successful you will need a strategy to generate leads for your business. Without leads you’re dead in the water. Some would even say that you’re really not in business if you’re not consistently exposing the business to new people.

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