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World Ventures is a company that offers travel-related products to people who choose for themselves a lifestyle of travel. The people behind the founding of World Ventures are Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue who launched the company on the 10th of December, 2005.

Third Party World Ventures Scam Review

Despite hiring a team of veterans and passionate individuals there are those who would cry wolf by saying World Ventures scam. Most if not all of the people who say this are those who have failed in the direct selling market looking to pin the blame on somebody or something. Although it is quite understandable, there is no evidence to the notion of a World Ventures scam.

World Ventures has three main products, all of which offer a good value for the price that they ask for. All of these products are legitimate and should never be confused for a World Ventures scam.

They are able to give customers great products at a good price by leveraging the power of ordering travel packages in bulk.

World Ventures Scam: The Products

Dreamtrips Membership

This product is the base product that World Ventures offers. Despite being the cheapest among the lot the Dreamtrips Membership still affords a great deal at a price that can be earned back from savings just from two trips alone. The cost is a small one time setup fee and a monthly membership fee which gives a person access to vacation trips all over the world.

DreamTrips Life Membership

When finding the right vacation to suit the needs of the family, the schedule, and budget DreamTrips Life Membership is the ideal solution. It provides the user with their own website that gives updates on promotions and available vacations.

Luxury DreamTrips Membership

The Luxury DreamTrips Membership is the most expensive of the three and was intended for the discerning customer. Aside from the high-end vacations customers can also take advantage of the Luxury DreamTrips Concierge Service, Priority pass at airports and so much more.

The Men Behind World Ventures

Wayne Nugent is the co-founder and chief visionary officer while Mike Azcue is the other co-founder and CEO of World Ventures. Their brainchild was a result of their decision to explore the potential powers of combining the internet and direct selling. Both men are veterans of the MLM industry responsible for a $100 million worth of sales

The compensation plan of World Ventures is a Binary organization. And no, it is not a World Ventures scam, which are just rumors meant to dissuade people from trying such a lucrative opportunity. Their compensation plan is too long to list here but some of their more appetizing bonuses include a personal sales bonus, training dollars, dream car bonus and so much more.

The travel industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. People love to travel and with more and more baby boomers retiring there is a massive market for travel as they will want to travel in their retirement. So where do the World Ventures scam accusations come from?

How To Get Results

Here’s where most of the people that get involved in network marketing never get the proper marketing training. As with anything you do for the first time, and IF you are serious about it, it’s common sense to learn some new skills and apply those new skills to build the business.

Skills like generating leads, how to talk to those leads (people), and how to get them started in the business.

In order to have success in this company you will have to have a steady stream of new people to talk to about the opportunity or the travel packages. No leads equals no business.

Know this: The World Ventures scam claims are false and this business is very lucrative to motivated agents. The World Ventures scam claims have no merit.

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